Award Winner 2018

Winner of the SOKOL Award of digital caricature

Thomas Fluharty

Thomas FluhartyThe US-based caricaturist Thomas Fluharty was awarded the SOKOL award for digital caricature. He has designed covers for the satirical magazine MAD, and the magazines Spiegel and Time. His Time magazine cover was ultimately acquired by the National Portrait Gallery collection. Fluharty has also worked for People, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, The Village Voice and the New York Times.
His portrayal of Hillary Clinton earned him a gold medal from Spectrum Fantastic Art. The 3 × 3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration honoured him for his book cover design for Max Lucado’s The Boy and the Ocean.
Fluharty is also a passionate teacher who instructs students from all over the world in drawing an painting at the online art school


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Winner of the SOKOL Honorship Award

Sebastian Krüger

Sebastian Krüger


The 11,000 Euro SOKOL Special Achievement Award or Lifetime Achievement Award went to Sebastian Krüger, who lives in Germany. He studied free painting at the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig and quickly made a career for himself as a cartoonist and illustrator for magazines in Germany and abroad and also designed and illustrated record covers. 

He largely gave up working commercially in 2005 and devoted himself to a photorealistic portrait style that is often referred to as New Pop Realism. He considers himself a portrait artist who makes a careful study of his models.lustrated record covers.

His picture series "FACES" can be considered a subversive homage to the world of beautiful appearances and rock and pop culture. It explores the dialectics of identity and pose, authenticity and glamour.

His work is in high demand amongst collectors around the world and attracts countless visitors during exhibitions.


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Winner of the SOKOL Sponsorship Award

Nadia Khiari


The 4,000 Euro SOKOL advancement award went to Nadia Khiari, a cartoonist, painter, graffiti artist and art teacher, born in Tunisia in 1973.


She became known as a graphic chronicler of the Tunisian 2010/11 “Jasmine Revolution”, the upheavals of which were central to starting the Arab Spring protests.

Her best-known cartoon character "Willis from Tunis" is a cat, who offers biting commentary dotted with black humour surrounding the events during and after the revolution.

She got the idea during long-time president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali’s last televised speech, who has since fled into Saudi exile. Willis currently has more than 49,000 followers on Facebook.

Her drawings, which have garnered her countless awards, regularly appear in the satirical magazines Siné Mensuel and Zélium as well as in the weekly magazine Courrier international.


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AIR – Artist in Residence Scholarship

Ramize Erer

Born in Turkey in 1963, Ramize Erer studied in Istanbul and currently lives in Paris.

Ramize Erer

She began working for the satirical magazine magazine GırGır as a cartoonist, and subsequently spent 13 years working for the daily newspapers Cumhuriyet and Radikal, where she came up with the “bad girl” figure.

She also illustrated for the feminist journal Pazartesi and the short-lived Karşı (literally translated as “opposition”), where her caricatures predominantly dealt with the Gezi Park protests.

Collaborating with the weekly satirical magazine Leman, she helped invent the exclusively satirical magazine Bayan Yani, which is only illustrated by women.

So far, more than 10,000 of her caricatures and stories have been published, and she has participated in numerous exhibitions that belonged to the Cartooning for Peace initiative.

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Frank Hoppmann

hoppmannFrank Hoppmann and Ramize Erer were awarded the two AIR-Artist in Residence Lower Austria scholarships for a study period in Krems/Lower Austria.

Born in Germany in 1975, Frank Hoppmann studied design at the Münster University of Applied Sciences with a focus on drawing, illustration and printmaking. His work has been featured in the satirical magazine Eulenspiegel, Welt, Welt am Sonntag, Münstersche Zeitung, Rolling Stone, the Los Angeles Times, Handelsblatt and many more.


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