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Character Design by Florian Satzinger

Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of character designer Florian Satzinger!
Character designer and concept artist Florian Satzinger has reinterpreted Disney’s world-famous figure Donald Duck. His design style endows Mickey Mouse and Warner Bros.’ characters Bugs Bunny and Sylvester with new traits. Satzinger also came up with the quacking screen star John Starduck’s appearance and character.

An Austrian-made Donald Duck in the Caricature Museum Krems
The exhibition shows important creative phases in Florian Satzinger’s career, giving visitors a good idea of the internationally renowned artist’s design and working methods. The exhibition "Donald Made in Austria!" showcases the well-known Donald Duck productions, as well as the dark-feathered Alvertos Duck and other relatives that are reminiscent of the comedian John Cleese and artist Maurizio Cattelan. The "Duckland" pieces are painted in the manner of the old masters and Satzinger’s Mickey Mouse can be seen adorned with shaggy fur.

In cooperation with the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, Caricature Museum Krems’ exhibition "Donald Made in Austria!" will be shown at other exhibition locations around the world too.

Curators: Florian Satzinger, character designer, and Gottfried Gusenbauer, artistic director of the Caricature Museum Krems

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