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Caricatures from 25 years of Krone bunt (publication)

The Austrian caricaturist scene would be unthinkable without the cartoonist Bruno Haberzettl (*1965), who has been a freelance drawer and illustrator since the 1990s. The autumn show predominantly shows his caricatures from 1995 onwards, which he had drawn for the "Kronen Zeitung" newspaper. His career began at the youth magazine "Rennbahn Express" and he later worked for the publication "WIENER". Haberzettl's caricatures are colourful, socially critical and always to the point. Besides his work as a political cartoonist, Haberzettl is considered a major critic of hunting tourism and Sunday hunters. Ecology and environmental issues are his passion and now enjoy international cult status.

He is also considered to be a successor, who independently continued the tradition of the Austrian, coloured mannerist execution in the style of Erich Sokol, Horst Haitzinger, Erich Eibl, Manfred Deix and Gerhard Haderer.

Curator: Gottfried Gusenbauer

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