Manfred Deix Meets Werner Berg

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Excursus #11

Illustrator Deix and humorous Berg – rediscover both artists!

Both Manfred Deix (1949 – 2016) and Werner Berg (1904 – 1981) were close observers of their fellow human beings and created characteristic figures with high recognition value from their very first sketches. When Deix depicts his characters in an old masters’ setting as in Endlich in Pension (Finally retired), he distinguishes himself both as a gifted cartoonist and a talented illustrator. Berg, in turn, via the expressive countenance of his Lächelnde Alte (Smiling old woman), which suggests more than just a smile, showcases his little-known sense of humor.

Werner Berg is one of Austria’s best-known twentieth-century artists. The landscape and people of his adopted home of Lower Carinthia define his work. As part of the Carinthian State Exhibition 2020, the Werner Berg Museum in Bleiburg co-organized together with the Karikaturmuseum Krems and Marietta Deix an exhibition featuring the works of Berg and Deix. Selected outtakes from this are on view in the addendum to the exhibition I Love Deix.

Curators: Gottfried Gusenbauer, artistic director of the Karikaturmuseum Krems, and Harald Scheicher, curator of the Werner Berg Museum Bleiburg/Pliberk

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