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Caricatures from the state of Lower Austria’s collections

To celebrate its anniversary, the Caricature Museum Krems invites visitors to explore 20 years of the Lower Austrian state’s caricature collection.

Whilst the Caricature Museum Krems celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2021, the state of Lower Austria can also boast a period of 20 years in which it has strategically collected satirical images and illustrations in a dedicated space. The exhibition highlights the state of Lower Austria’s collection with an impressive range of political caricatures and illustrated stories. Among the approximately 230 exhibited pieces, visitors can enjoy political drawings by Gustav Peichl, Erich Sokol, Manfred Deix, Bruno Haberzettl, Michael Pammesberger and Thomas Wizany. Illustrated stories by Fritz Gareis, Ladislaus Kmoch, Rudi Klein and Horst Stein can also be viewed by visitors.

Pictures like Erich Sokol's “Meinungsforschung” (“Opinion Poll”), which invites viewers to closely look into a magical ball, or Manfred Deix's interpretation of “Frauenpower” (“Women’s Power”) are bound to make visitors smile, whilst also provoking contemplation.

Did you know that the state of Lower Austria’s caricature section has a collection that comprises approximately 7,000 original pieces ranging all the way back to the 1900s? This makes it the largest of its kind in Austria. Adding to the comprehensive collection of cartoons by Manfred Deix and work by Gustav Peichl, the collection also comprises a significant part of Erich Sokol’s estate, the renowned Ludwig Fotter collection, as well as numerous pieces by Gerhard Haderer and Bruno Haberzettl.

Curator: Gottfried Gusenbauer, artistic director of the Caricature Museum Krems

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