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The universe of Deix with over fifty original drawings

Manfred Deix (1949 – 2016) will not be forgotten! The enfant terrible of the caricature scene provoked, shocked and touched on social taboos like hardly another Austrian artist before him.

Opening drawers and discovering originals

The Caricature Museum Krems’ in-house Deix archive affords visitors the unique opportunity to take a close look at the exceptional artist’s originals. Located in drawers, more than 50 originals by Manfred Deix illuminate the depths of the Austrian soul. Thus, Bruno Kreisky, depicted by the cartoonist as Donald Duck, acts as a reminder of the Second Republic’s first referendum. Deix's "Michael Jackson impersonator Karl K." wearing lederhosen trousers and holding a sausage in his hand is sure to make visitors smile.

Film stills versus caricatures

The Caricature Museum Krems is dedicating part of its archive to the animated film “Rotzbub - the DEIX Film” 2022, produced by Josef Aichholzer. The film is inspired by Manfred Deix and will be celebrated as such by the museum. Visitors can view film stills on display whilst directly comparing these to Deix's original caricatures.

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