30 years of cartoons by Red Bull

2017 celebrates Red Bull’s 30-year market launch anniversary: founded by Dietrich Mateschitz, he was inspired by a functional beverage from the Far East, namely Red Bull. On April 1, 1987 the first energy drink was sold in Austria. This was not just the introduction of a completely new product, but the emergence of a previously unknown product category. Simultaneously, the sympathetic bull found its beginnings in the cartoon style: In 1989 the first Red Bull cartoon commercials followed, and no other than the universally known artist Leonardo da Vinci was used as their subject. The TV-spots were developed by the agency Kastner & Partners and marked the beginning of a campaign strategy that has remained the same ever since: Known characters, historical events or everyday things with which a wide audience can identify itself with are featured in a charmingly exaggerated story that has an unexpected twist. Art Director Horst Sambo was successful in creating a unique, distinct style in the graphic realization of the ads. The campaign currently runs in more than 170 countries and is rightly considered to probably be the only global advertising campaign. With the example of Red Bull’s successful cartoon campaign, the exhibition "GIVES YOU WINGS. 30 years of cartoons by Red Bull" shows how contemporary, successful advertising works. In addition, the exhibition focuses on the nature and effect of advertising and also imparts media and advertising skills in a fun fashion.

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