Since 2001, the province of Lower Austria has worked together with the Caricature Museum Krems, to bring about a collection of caricatures, cartoons, critical graphics and illustrations.


The emphasis has been on European caricature since 1900, with particular emphasis on the work of contemporary illustrators. This is also how the last 400 years of caricature history is to be documented with the help of significant works. In addition to the largest collection of cartoons by Manfred Deix and works by IRONIMUS, a significant part of the estate of Erich Sokol was also purchased in 2004. The internationally renowned Fotter collection was added in 2007. Important works by Gerhard Haderer - among them the 2002 series "The Life of Jesus" - are also owned by the collection, which now comprises several thousand original artworks. It forms an important basis for Caricature Museum Krems’ exhibitions. Works of the collection are, however, also presented as part of cooperative projects in other international exhibition halls and museums.

The following international and Austrian satirical artists are also represented in the collection (in alphabetical order):

Chas Addams, Jean- Maurice Bosc, Honoré Daumier, Paul Flora, Robert Gernhardt, Gerhard Glück, Franz Jüttner, Sebastian Krüger, Kukriniksy, mac/Hellmuth Machek, Luis Murschetz, E.O. Plauen, Hans-Georg Rauch, Ronald Searle, Jean Jaques Sempé, Saul Steinberg, Roland Topor, Tomi Ungerer, Jean Veenenbos, Wilfried Zeller-Zellenberg, Dieter Zehentmayr and many others.

Collection of the province of Lower Austria

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