© Christian Redtenbacher

© Christian Redtenbacher

Mordillo © Oli Verlag N.V., 2015

Lucky Luke. Neues aus dem Wilden Westen von Achdé © Lucky Comics, 2013

Gerhard Haderer, Think Big! © Gerhard Haderer, 2016


The cartoon museum Krems, the only Austrian museum for satirical art, is mainly devoted to political caricature, humorous drawings, comics and illustrations.

The term "caricature" has been known as an artistic term since the 16th century and comes from the Italian verb "caricare" which means "loaded, exaggerated" and goes back to the Latin cart, "carrus".

 To begin with, mainly portrait caricatures were made. From the second half of the 18th century onwards caricature became more aware of its social function and obligations and subsequently became a highly effective medium of criticism and former of public opinion. The development of the political caricature was closely linked to freedom of the press and the freedom of opinion as well as the possibility of duplication.


Today too, caricature remains indispensable for comprehensive political reporting. It still manages to stimulate discourse and to promote debate on social issues - as an "editorial cartoon", as a drawn lead article on the day’s occurrences, as an art form and pointed commentary. They all bring complex facts to the point.


The Caricature Museum Krems sees itself as a European centre of excellence for the art of drawing and picture literature and networks with international artists, museums and exhibition houses.


The following awaits you:


• quality exhibitions with original designs

• curated, thematic and/or monographic exhibitions

• Presentation of classical works in the context of contemporary positions

• a cross-media presentation as well as the integration of comics, illustration and animation

• current topics presented in temporary exhibitions that are public-friendly

• an extensive mediation program with age-appropriate and target-group-oriented programs and offers

• scientific treatment and presentation of the collection of satirical original designs and cartoons


Caricature thrills and inspires both viewers and artists of all disciplines. The Caricature Museum Krems is a lively place for high-quality and socio-political exhibitions.


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