Manfred Deix

"Caricature without fierceness, drasticness, abrasiveness does not make sense to me. I have often been accused of tastelessness and brutality in my humour. Who, if not satirists, should call things by their name? "

The illustrator, Manfred Deix, provoked, shocked and shook up social taboos as rarely an Austrian artist had done before him. On June 25, 2016 he died after a serious illness at the age of 67. His wife Marietta and his 23 cats were with him until the end. Deix had only just celebrated his 67th birthday on February 22, 2016.


Manfred Deix was born February 22, 1949 and grew up in St. Pölten and Böheimkirchen. In his early years he already studied the milieu of farmers and workers, who were among the guests of his parents' inn, and produced first caricatures.

"As a twelve-year-old I already had the privilege of really being able to experience people up close in my parents’ inn. It was mostly the so-called 'little people' who were our guests. So they usually stood at the bar in their working clothes and drank their glasses of wine mixed with soda water or their pints or their wine and talked about everything from politics to work, to women, they told each other men's jokes, laughed or argued about trivial matters and never realized, that they were being astutely observed and listened to by the alert boy behind the counter. Others sat at the tables and were served playing cards, goulash, and beer, only to leave the inn at midnight without leaving even a penny’s worth of a tip. As revenge I created the now popular 'Deix figures' based on them and helped them to questionable fame. Punishment is a must."


Deix 'exploration of the depths of the Austrian soul began in the early 1970s. Deix tirelessly criticized social compulsions, xenophobia, and hypocrisy in his poems and drawings. He consistently and unflinchingly stuck to his guns: politicians were ruthlessly inspected under the microscope, the kiss-kiss society of celebrities with their vanities was exposed and the church, including its "ground staff" (sic!), was the object of ridicule. Disconnected from their political timeliness, Deix’s works have long since become works of art. They are classics of Austrian caricature and an inspiration in style. They give insight into the artist's thinking processes and his favourite topics, an artist, who walked his path consistently and unperturbed.


In the permanent exhibition “Deix, Again and Again!” you get insight into the world of the great artist Manfred Deix.


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