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From bitter anger to a wink

Comprehensive retrospective
To celebrate Paul Flora’s (1922 - 2009) 100th birthday, the Caricature Museum Krems and Paul Flora's estate administration are dedicating an extensive retrospective to the draftsman, caricaturist and illustrator. Paul Flora is considered one of the outstanding European illustrators of the 20th century. The native Tyrolean’s work depicts imaginative landscapes with idiosyncratic architecture. His mysterious imagery is populated by ghosts and harlequins, marionettes, rooted Tyroleans and Venetian plague doctors.

From Paul Flora's relationship to caricature
Pictures shown in the exhibition from Paul Flora's collaboration with the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT, including his pieces titled „Der Präsident auf der Erbse" ("The president on the pea") and „Österreichs Uhren gehen gar nicht" ("Austria's clocks don't work at all"), explore the draftsman’s special relationship with caricature. The artist did not consider himself a caricaturist, but with over 3,000 pictures for DIE ZEIT, he helped influence generations of illustrators. Visitors to the exhibition will see well-known motifs, as well as the often-drawn city of Venice, and numerous depictions of ravens. Satirical stories will also transport viewers to the draftsman’s early years.

Curators: Thomas Seywald, Paul Flora estate agency, and Gottfried Gusenbauer, artistic director of the Caricature Museum Krems

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