Christine Nöstlinger and her letter factory

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Before bullying was ever even a term, Christine Nöstlinger dealt with exclusion and violence in her classic children's book “Die feuerrote Friederike” (“Fiery-haired Friederike”). In this debut piece dating back to 1970, the main character, a girl with fiery red hair, uses her magical powers to defend herself against the humiliations she endures at the hands of her classmates. A great success from its beginnings, and awarded the Friedrich Bödecker Prize in 1972, the book ushered in a new movement within Austria's children’s and youth literature. To this day, the book remains a bestseller with a subject that is still topical.

With Feuerrote Friederike (“Fiery-haired Friederike”), the Caricature Museum Krems puts the spotlight on the great author Christine Nöstlinger. The exhibition showcases original book illustrations, which Nöstlinger initially drew herself, and which her daughter Barbara continued subsequently. Alongside other works by her daughters Christiane Nöstlinger and Barbara Waldschütz, the exhibition offers a comprehensive insight into the work of Christine Nöstlinger.

AIR - ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Niederösterreich is currently examining Nöstlinger's oeuvre. At present three artists - Nina Pagalies, Stephanie Wunderlich and Martina Peters – are enrolled in the international scholarship program and are letting their work be inspired by Nöstlinger's.

Curator: Gottfried Gusenbauer, artistic director of the Caricature Museum Krems

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